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School vs. Job
Job vs. Comic
Comic vs. School
Life vs. All of the Above

It's going to be a bloody fight... And the results are in. Comic trumps School and Life except during finals week when Life trumps Comic; Job trumps School, Comic, and Life; School goes and cries in the corner like a little baby after having been beaten up by Comic, Job, and Life.

The meaning of this horrendous display of blood and guts? No comic during finals. Sorry! Fade to Black will be back on Monday.

Employment Cookies

As you've probably noticed, the comic is back! Knock on wood, but I am dead set on not missing any more updates. At least for a while.

As of now, I have also checked out of school completely. Another five weeks? Psh, no. I am employed at a restaurant! The sun is out! I'm done with AP Studio Art! One Acts are over! The sun! The employment! The sky! The sun! Employment! Sun! Etc.!

Heck no, I am never going back to school. Especially not for the AP U.S. History exam this Friday. No siree.

Will Work for Squash

I am on the job warpath. I am so going to get employed, even if it's the last thing I do this summer. I'm going for a bunch of different interviews (which hopefully be different from the one in which the main question was, "Are you a smart-ass?"). I desperately want to work at Pastini Pasteria, which serves the best sqash pasta I've ever eaten.

I actually tried to upload a sketch during school, but failed. Instead, I've taken the daemon quiz over at the Golden Compass website! That book is love. And apparently my daemon is an ocelot. Check it out, you can critique it and everything: