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Spring Break, Peace, and Sweet Justice

In order:
Next week is my spring break. Because I'm bad at planning ahead, updates will be on hold until I get back. Sorry to Thespiphobia/FtB readers alike! I have few regrets, though, sad to say. I'm mostly just excited for my trip to Boston and New York and the college visits I'll be doing there. While some places don't interest me as much (Brown, RISD, and suchlike) I can't wait to see what the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is like. It's the only school I know of that offers a good animation major and has a strong connection with a non-art school (Tufts). So if the Museum School turns out badly, well... No more college? :(

More happily, I attended a peace rally last Sunday! It was an incredible experience. I think that over 10,000 people showed up, and the amount of passion for ending the war was astounding. There were speakers, including several Iraq veterans, and after hearing them we marched all through the downtown area of my city. It was so uplifiting to see people speaking out and taking action against a war that seems so selfish and senseless. It made me feel truly hopeful about the future. Then, of course, I was channel flipping today and came across C-SPAN... Almost the first thing I heard was a representative demanding more support for our troops because apparently, if we don't support them, the terrorists will have all the oil and will thusly be able to dominate the world. So, what, by killing all the Iraqis and taking their oil, we WON'T be trying to dominate the world? What hypocricy! That statement from someone in our governemt just about crushed the elation I felt after the peace rally. I just can't beleive how very, very self-centered this country is sometimes. All the time, really.

Now for something completely different! I am so, so excited about the recent news from Disney. If you haven't heard, they're bringing traditional animation back! They're reopening a 2D studio and making a film called The Frog Princess, to be released in summer 2009. I was afraid that CG was completely wiping traditional off the map, but it looks like it's making a comeback. Traditional is no less beautiful or artistic than CG, and should not be dismissed as an old-fashioned, outdated art form. Long live 2D! :D