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Will Work for Squash

I am on the job warpath. I am so going to get employed, even if it's the last thing I do this summer. I'm going for a bunch of different interviews (which hopefully be different from the one in which the main question was, "Are you a smart-ass?"). I desperately want to work at Pastini Pasteria, which serves the best sqash pasta I've ever eaten.

I actually tried to upload a sketch during school, but failed. Instead, I've taken the daemon quiz over at the Golden Compass website! That book is love. And apparently my daemon is an ocelot. Check it out, you can critique it and everything:


As you may have noticed, the crossover has ended! I hope no one was too confused. Whatever anyone thought, I had lots of fun working on it with Erin, and am a bit sad it's over. It's been a while now since I've worked on the regular storyline, so it will definitely take a few days to write some scripts and get back into the swing of things. I'm thinking about starting back in next week with a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule, just for the sake of some other art projects I need to finish. I'll post another journal on Monday to let you know where I'm at with that. Basically, it'd be nice to have comics next week... But it might not happen.

Random things:
- I was reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night, and was suddenly seized by a surge of ohmyGODiHATEtheseCHARACTERS and I just couldn't read any more Harry Potter ever in my life or I would die.
- Wolf's Rain is a beautiful, gorgeous anime. I think it's from the same studio that did Cowboy Bebop, which is also amazing.
- Take public transportation, turn off the lights, save a polar bear.
- I love the one-act play I'm in. We rehearsed in the school's creepy four-foot high cement-lined wood room and pretended it was a bomb shelter.