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sunburn #4, and abandon

Here's the deal: apparently, I'm functioning at a rate of about 1 comic per week this summer. I would normally promise to get back onto a normal schedule next week, but next week I'm having my wisdom teeth out and other fun things like that. So! I'm going to keep going at this slow and steady pace. One comic per week is guaranteed. I won't ever do less. I might do more. But there will always at least be one, and I think I might try to have it up on Sundays.

Ratatouille: beautiful. So beautiful. Wet hair? YEAH. Wet fur? YES. Rain that changes in density with flurries of wind? YUM. Really excellent, expressive character designs? ABSOLUTELY. Good music? You BETCHA.

Sometimes Pixar just kicks ass. I still need to go see Paprika, though. Should be a good way to offset the CG cuteness of Ratatouille. Traditionally animated insane surreal dream worlds come to life.
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