September 25th, 2008


Zombie journal!

I resurrect this dead journal to post news, for any singular soul who may still see it. If you were a Fade to Black reader, I am very sorry for the long radio silence. I'm afraid it is (for the forseeable future) quite dead. It was a wonderful learning experience and I grew a lot as an artist and comic-writer while making it. I do find myself missing the characters sometimes. Maybe one day I will return to them in some other stage of their lives. But for now, a moment of silence for the dear departed.

But from the ashes arises a new project! A webcomic written by Hailey B and drawn by myself, featuring Civil War reenactors - a dandy piece of writing and hopefully a decent piece of art. The website is constructed, if still a bit bare, and the comic is set to launch next week. So go forth and see the Battle of Dovecote Crest!