September 5th, 2007


The Distant Future

This being my first day back at school, I feel I should probably at least attempt to do something about the situation with Fade to Black. Here's what I've got at the moment:

Having pretty much ignored the poor thing for the past two months, I have not prepared any scripts or done any writing. Unless I'm going to jump into it without any planning, as I have a number of times before (with mixed results), I'll need some time to get the storyline back into shape.

Normally, I'd set a two-week writing time and, in penance for my long absence, set to work, or at least procrastinate until I'm forced to work the night before the two weeks is up. This isn't quite normal, though.

I've just started senior year. This may sound self-contradictory, but because I'm planning on applying to art school, I'd like to spend time this year doing NOT-art, that is, theatre, which I suppose is a sort of art but not the sort that involves lots of locking yourself in a small room alone at night and drawing instead of doing homework. It's more the sort that involves locking yourself in a large dark space at night filled with lots of people and shouting instead of doing homework.

Anyways. While I love doing a comic about theatre, I also love actually doing theatre - and this, being my last year of high school, seems like my last chance to be involved, since theatre in real life is much less forgiving and offers fewer opportunities to random people.

What this blowzy rant comes down to is this:
Two weeks from today, I will post another entry here with my final decision as to whether or not to continue the comic. This doesn't mean forever, but it will mean an extension of my impromptu summer break from now into December. Once my winter break arrives with, hopefully, some respite from the madness, I'll delve back into doing this thing properly and will get things up and running for the start of the new year.

I'm quite sorry about my rather sudden and total implosion. I find that I'm starting to miss my characters, especially considering what I have in mind for them next. I definitely don't miss the 2am, night-before, panicky writing/drawing sessions. I don't want to ruin Fade to Black or my senior year, and I fear that doing both will ruin both. So for the moment I'll tackle things one at a time.

Again, sorry. The most eloquent thing I can come up with to sum up the situation is just... ^^;